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Intro van Jean de Meulder

Writing something about oneself is never easy, not for me nor for anyone else, I think, but still I will try to paint a picture of myself. I was born on Januari 17 1955 in Antwerp, Belgium. I spent my childhood years in a rural environment with 3 brothers and one sister. I always was what you might call the odd one of the family.

At the very young age of three I became seriously ill and doctors had given up all hope that I would recover. At the very same time some new medication was being developed. It was still experimental, but there was a slight possibility it could save me. It did save me, for I wouldn’t be writing this today if it had failed.
But prior to that, at the moment I was thought to die soon I saw myself,
as a three year old, lying on the operation table with the doctors standing around me.
My perception was like from a bird’s eye view and I was
fully awake and conscious.

I could even speak, but no matter how loud I shouted at the doctors,
no one responded.
I also felt a presence of people, beings but I felt no fear.
And when people tell you about going through a tunnel,
the bright light….I can only say: “it really exists”.

I presume I had a task or two to fulfill on this Earth,
because the day after I was playing in my hospital-bed
as healthy as a fish.
I still don’t know what they did to me,
but well life took it’s daily course after that.
And I had a rather carefree life from then on.

As I grew older, when I was 11 or 12, I became very sensitive,
I could feel certain things.
I could sense what would happen to people.
Was this the beginning of something paranormal? I don’t know.
But one thing I was convinced of from that young age:
there is more to life and death isn’t the end ....

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