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De geschiedenis van het bandstemmen fenomeen , vanaf 1920 tot op heden .....


Electronic Voice Phenomena - A History
Since the discovery of what has now come to be known as the 'Electronic Voice Phenomena' (EVP), we have to give thanks for the efforts of many gifted researchers who, over the years have given their time and commitment in the face of much hostility.

Where did it all begin? Probably with the discoveries made in the field of electronic communications by inventers such Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Oliver Lodge and Guglielmo Marconi. These men of vision all held belief in an afterlife and the possibility of making contact with that world through electronic means. Edison had his first lab at the age of ten and by the time of his death he had patented 1093 of his inventions. He also believed in a 'life after death', as can be determined by the many statements he made during his lifetime. In support of this, what follows is just one of them "I will be going to a world beyond, whereby I shall continue the research where i left off". It is also interesting to note that there was a blueprint found after his death for a machine which he believed could be used for making contact with that very place. As no machine was ever found, we have no means of knowing if he had actually built this.
What follows is information of past and present researchers who we owe a debt of gratitude to for the efforts they have given to further our knowledge of this amazing discovery ......
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