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On October 24, 1976 I made my first recording. It was on my husband’s reel to reel tape recorder. I’d never used a recorder before but it wasn’t difficult to turn it on and ask, "Is anyone here?" There was no reply, which didn’t surprise me. When I told my family at dinner that evening I was going to try and have contact with the dead through a tape recorder, they all looked at me as if they thought I was crazy. I assured them, "I’m only going to do it for a week." They shook their heads and more or less accepted my time limitation.

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EVP pioneer Sarah Wilson Estep began traveling her own roads to eternity in 1976 when she sat down at a tape recorder for the first time and asked, "Is anyone here?" A skeptic about life after death throughout her first 40 years, her many experiences with the EVP phenomena through three decades of research have permanently changed her outlook.

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